Monday, December 1, 2008

Beyond Fried Eggs

12.01.08. Beyond Fried Eggs had been sitting on my dashboard for several months now. I finally had the time to tweak on it and have the courage to post my foodie adventures. Nothing much but this is my own way of chronicling my kitchen trials and errors.

I finally decided to take my cooking seriously. I created this blog to chronicle my food adventures, inside the kitchen and out. Like what I have said in my side blog, I have to start somewhere. I hope to be a good cook and baker by year 2009. So help me God.

What's a good cook and baker to me? At least I will be able to follow the recipe directions perfectly, familiarize myself with ingredients which sound alien to me and will be able to bake cupcakes which will actually look like cupcakes...that little mound of cake that is supposed to rise above its holder.

I have transported all my food posts from The Mommy Zone and Everything and then Some..... blogs to this blog for organization purposes.


Heart of Rachel said...

Yay! Congratulations to your new blog!

Heart of Rachel said...

BTW, I love the name of your blog.

Lynn said...

Thanks Rach! :)