Monday, September 24, 2007

Five Cows

Cookie Fudge Ham and Cheese Fritters
Aglio Olio Smoker's Cake Menu

I decided to have a half-day last Friday at the office to have a movie date with my daughter. We had our snack at Five Cows. I enjoyed their aglio olio. The mix of olive oil and garlic are just perfect to my taste. No aftertaste. My daughter had her cookie fudge. It's tall and looks really appetizing. My daughter said it's good. Proof is she consumed it all. I find the smoker's cake cute so I ordered it. It's just a chocolate ice cream with graham crackers as base. Lots of marshmallows on top which look like cigarette butts hence the name of the cake. I guess what is lacking is a creamier ice cream for my not so-ice-creamy taste buds. :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Work load both at home and at the office test my patience these days. We're in the middle of corporate planning for 2008 and it's my daughter's first trimester examinations. I take a leave at the office whenever she has scheduled major exams, to guide her on three subjects which require a great deal of time to review - Math, Science and Sibika (Araling Panlipunan). I get stressed when I feel my daughter is starting to get stressed studying all these. But I try my best to hide what I am feeling. The reason why I am just a room or a few feet away from her while she is studying is to give her moral support. A stressed out mother is not what she needs. I let her rest, I comfort her, I motivate her. So how am I?

I can feel tell tale signs of being stressed. It's a roller coaster ride actually. I try to control them. I give in, I rant though I murmur things only to myself just to release my anxieties at least for the moment. And then I try my best to compose myself again. Think positive thoughts after releasing toxic thoughts.

What is that song which tells us to think of our favorite things and then we don't feel so bad? Let me think chocolates then! Chocolate cakes specifically. They are just so appetizing. Even a simple presentation makes me salivate so I try them - a cake with thick chocolate icing no matter how plain the presentation is wet my appetite. But what's ironic is I cannot even consume a regular slice of cake. But I love tasting them and looking at them. They look so delicious. I have to say there are some chocolate cakes which looks so promising but I was disappointed upon having a bite.

A few months ago, my husband mentioned a cake house and a dining place he watched on television. He said I will definitely want to try it from the name alone. The cake shop is called In Love with Sweets (and their sister restaurant which serve full meals is called Salt and Pepper which I will post about one of these days). It's located in Rufino St., Makati City. The cake above served as our dessert. It's huge. We were not able to finish it off. It tastes fine but nothing to rave about. I guess what is lacking is the soft and tender chiffon one should experience at the first bite. Since it's been months, I forgot the name and the price. I am not good in names really.

This one I can definitely recommend to someone who loves chocolate cakes. It's decadent chocolate which is my favorite among all chocolate cakes. It's always a treat for me and my daughter to go to Fully Booked at The Block (SM North Edsa) because after happily indulging ourselves on our latest book finds, we have our dessert at the bookstore's restaurant, Press Cafe. It's small, almost bare but it's clean and it's very convenient for their customers. It's a great time for me and my daughter to talk about the books we bought while relaxing our feet and share our chocolate cake and pasta.

I dropped by Trinoma today at lunch time before heading home with one thing on mind. I know it would be a challenging study time for me and my daughter. I have to have something that will help lighten my daughter's mood while in the middle of reviewing.

I have to bring her some cheese rolls from Mary Grace. And since I am there already, I bought their famous brownies and why not try their chocolate cake? I bought a slice for myself. I am the only chocolate person in the family if I may say that. The cheese rolls made my daughter's day. I have to say the chocolate cake is good too with its thick caramel filling. But the best is still the brownies.

The whole afternoon and evening were spent reviewing, and in between - taking a rest, dipping our fingers on the icing and the cheese. These things helped lighten our day. So maybe I will always try to make it simple and subscribe to the idea that "Chemically speaking, chocolate is really the world's perfect food"***.

***The Emperors of Chocolate