Monday, December 31, 2007

Cafe Adriatico

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Good cheers, good health, peace, love and prosperity to all of us! Happy New Year!


I met my two friends at Eastwood last Saturday. We were supposed to have our dinner before Christmas but all were busy so we postponed it a week after. As always I enjoy going out with them. We had pizza and pasta at Pasto. We went around the tiangge (flea market) where I was able to buy a red blouse with puffed sleeves. It was a good buy actually, fits me well, nice feel of the fabric and below P500 (roughly 12USD).

Pasta is really good at Pasto.
More on Pasto in my food feature in coming posts.

Eastwood was jampacked as it was a Saturday night, gimmick night. There was a concert too featuring Regine Velasquez, one of the Philippines' top songbirds. My friends and I were supposed to have dinner at Jack's Loft but my, it was so full. I love the cakes at Jack's Loft. But a lot were still waiting so we have no choice but to transfer to the more laid-back Cafe Adriatico.

Around dinner time my hubby and my daughter came to fetch me. They had dinner with us at Adriatico. My hubby said the Lechon Kangkong tastes great. This dish is quite unsual for me though.

Lechon Kangkong

I was still full from all the pasta so I just had maja blanca. Maja blanca or coconut cake is a popular Filipino delicacy. For this particular order, all I can say is I only had a teaspoonful of it. My friends checked it out but didn't like it too. I was expecting a softer, corn-flavored finish. It's just plain sweet.

Maja Blanca (Coconut Cake)

My daughter is a pasta person too. She got herself a baked macaroni and consumed them all. I tasted it and it's good, it's like home-made. It's rich with sauce and the sweet-sour taste is just about right.

Baked Macaroni

We all had a grand time as we went home at almost 12 midnight. My daughter enjoyed the picture taking with her Titas at the theme area of Eastwood. The area has a really festive mood.

We had coffee and a late snack at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf again (this was our meeting place earlier). We were a little tired already and did not bother to see the fireworks outside. On the way to the parking area, my daughter dropped by Eiko, an accessories store for tweens and surveyed some items.

We had a grand time, who wouldn't? Being with family and friends are always the best. :)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

a-Veneto Pizzeria

Some restaurants get popular because of word of mouth. One such restaurant is a-Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante. It has its first branch at Visayas Avenue, Quezon City. Most of my officemates living in Katipunan and from UP Diliman frequent the place. They rave about its pizza. The place was very crude so to speak, in fact, the servers are the owners' household members. The restaurant was always jampacked though.

A few weekends ago at Trinoma, my family and I tried a-Veneto for the first time. The interior is simple but comfortable enough. As expected it was full. We have to wait for about ten minutes to have a seat. And maybe another twenty minutes for our food to be served. I must say the restaurant people were very accommodating.

I don't think it's very clear here but if you can, try to guess what actors are on the mural. There's Richard Gere, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, etcetera.

Our quick snack turned to dinner already since the servings are huge for the three of us. The platter alone can make one really full.

The carbonara is not the best but just fine. I guess I'll take another pasta when we go back.

This one is the best, Seafood Pesto. It's very creamy and there were loads of shrimps which I really appreciated since I am a shrimp lover.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pasta Overload

Often times my daughter ask for a delivery during their supposed break time, break time from playing. Last week she asked for a chicken joy and some ice cream since her friend was in the house. I called up Jollibee, surprisingly, they got my order quite fast this time. Anyway, I need to complete the required P165 (around 4USD) so I thought of adding macaroni salad. Look here, too much green. I still prefer Wendy's but there's no Wendy's near our house.

A few minutes before Jollibee delivery arrived, my husband got back with pansit Malabon in tow. She came from my sis-in-law's place and thought of buying a plateful good for five. This is a lot better than the macaroni salad. Had I known he'd buy this I wouldn't have a delivery.

Normally I try to prepare something during weekends - pasta or a new dish I read in Yummy magazine. So the following day we thought of trying out the sundried pesto we bought and prepared some pasta. How was it? Let me just say now I know the sundried tomato from Santi's is a lot tastier than those prepared in bottles.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Left Overs

I was in Baguio for two days last week. As expected, I bought Baguio goodies, primarily vegetables. I bought them thinking of cooking chopsuey. I was able to do that but there were still left over broccolis and cauli flowers.

We still have the pansit bato I bought during my trip to Bicol a month ago or so. A pack of Chinese sausage is sitting on the ref which is supposed to be for Yang Chow. But I was not able to prepare Yang Chow because there was no available frozen green peas at SM Supermarket when I dropped by. A great idea from hubby is to make pansit bato for merienda and use all these ingredients. So that's what we had Sunday afternoon. Brilliant!

Pansit bato got its name because of the place where it is sold - Bato, Camarines Sur. I am not really sure what difference these noodles have compared to other noodles sold in the supermarket. The hubby says there is no aftertaste unlike most noodles. It is also very affordable at twenty five pesos per kilo (roughly .56USD).

Pansit is very easy to prepare and very quick. Saute garlic and onion. Put in bits of pork until golden brown. A little water (depends on how many kilos of noodles you have) and then goes the noodles. My husband puts in shrimp puree as he calls it to create a seafood taste. He squeezes the head of the shrimp to get the juice and pour them in the pan. Put in salt according to taste. As soon as the noodles are tender, put in all the other ingredients - patola (sponge gourd), Chinese sausage, shrimp and last, cauli flower.

After the pansit, a little dessert capped the snack time. My favorite ube (yam) jam straight from the City of Pines. Tantamco's is the most salable brand next to Good Shepherd. Its sweetness is just right and the bits of whole yam are easy to chew. I love it!

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Five Cows

Cookie Fudge Ham and Cheese Fritters
Aglio Olio Smoker's Cake Menu

I decided to have a half-day last Friday at the office to have a movie date with my daughter. We had our snack at Five Cows. I enjoyed their aglio olio. The mix of olive oil and garlic are just perfect to my taste. No aftertaste. My daughter had her cookie fudge. It's tall and looks really appetizing. My daughter said it's good. Proof is she consumed it all. I find the smoker's cake cute so I ordered it. It's just a chocolate ice cream with graham crackers as base. Lots of marshmallows on top which look like cigarette butts hence the name of the cake. I guess what is lacking is a creamier ice cream for my not so-ice-creamy taste buds. :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Work load both at home and at the office test my patience these days. We're in the middle of corporate planning for 2008 and it's my daughter's first trimester examinations. I take a leave at the office whenever she has scheduled major exams, to guide her on three subjects which require a great deal of time to review - Math, Science and Sibika (Araling Panlipunan). I get stressed when I feel my daughter is starting to get stressed studying all these. But I try my best to hide what I am feeling. The reason why I am just a room or a few feet away from her while she is studying is to give her moral support. A stressed out mother is not what she needs. I let her rest, I comfort her, I motivate her. So how am I?

I can feel tell tale signs of being stressed. It's a roller coaster ride actually. I try to control them. I give in, I rant though I murmur things only to myself just to release my anxieties at least for the moment. And then I try my best to compose myself again. Think positive thoughts after releasing toxic thoughts.

What is that song which tells us to think of our favorite things and then we don't feel so bad? Let me think chocolates then! Chocolate cakes specifically. They are just so appetizing. Even a simple presentation makes me salivate so I try them - a cake with thick chocolate icing no matter how plain the presentation is wet my appetite. But what's ironic is I cannot even consume a regular slice of cake. But I love tasting them and looking at them. They look so delicious. I have to say there are some chocolate cakes which looks so promising but I was disappointed upon having a bite.

A few months ago, my husband mentioned a cake house and a dining place he watched on television. He said I will definitely want to try it from the name alone. The cake shop is called In Love with Sweets (and their sister restaurant which serve full meals is called Salt and Pepper which I will post about one of these days). It's located in Rufino St., Makati City. The cake above served as our dessert. It's huge. We were not able to finish it off. It tastes fine but nothing to rave about. I guess what is lacking is the soft and tender chiffon one should experience at the first bite. Since it's been months, I forgot the name and the price. I am not good in names really.

This one I can definitely recommend to someone who loves chocolate cakes. It's decadent chocolate which is my favorite among all chocolate cakes. It's always a treat for me and my daughter to go to Fully Booked at The Block (SM North Edsa) because after happily indulging ourselves on our latest book finds, we have our dessert at the bookstore's restaurant, Press Cafe. It's small, almost bare but it's clean and it's very convenient for their customers. It's a great time for me and my daughter to talk about the books we bought while relaxing our feet and share our chocolate cake and pasta.

I dropped by Trinoma today at lunch time before heading home with one thing on mind. I know it would be a challenging study time for me and my daughter. I have to have something that will help lighten my daughter's mood while in the middle of reviewing.

I have to bring her some cheese rolls from Mary Grace. And since I am there already, I bought their famous brownies and why not try their chocolate cake? I bought a slice for myself. I am the only chocolate person in the family if I may say that. The cheese rolls made my daughter's day. I have to say the chocolate cake is good too with its thick caramel filling. But the best is still the brownies.

The whole afternoon and evening were spent reviewing, and in between - taking a rest, dipping our fingers on the icing and the cheese. These things helped lighten our day. So maybe I will always try to make it simple and subscribe to the idea that "Chemically speaking, chocolate is really the world's perfect food"***.

***The Emperors of Chocolate

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Weekends and holidays are bonding moments for our family. Normally, these are most anticipated times since we are together from the time we wake up till the end of day. I treasure moments like these. It used to be that I still have my own agenda for the weekend but spending more time with my daughter has never given me so much joy. I set aside myself on days that my daughter and I can bond more and enjoy each others' quirks and idiosyncrasies :)

We were apprehensive to go out yesterday because the weather is unpredictable. You wouldn't know if the sun is going to shine already or the rain will cause another flash flood. Flash flood equals heavy traffic. That's what we are avoiding. But then my toe nails are begging for a polish and my daughter needs a trim on her bangs. So late afternoon we headed to our salon which is only a few minutes drive from our home. Vanity ruled.

Trust my daughter to know what she wants with her hair. She wants the sides layered. But she had the same style already a few months back. We agreed to keep her hair straight and just manage the bangs so she will always look fresh, her eyes not covered with bangs. The compromise was set and we were both happy with the result. Just trim the bangs and half an inch of the tips of the hair. I had my own haircut too, an impromptu one since the pedicurist is not yet available. I had it shortened for easier managing. I was glad too with the result. Now mother and daughter are sporting bangs. :)

It's not only with the haircut that my daughter gives her opinion on. Even with the color of my pedicure. It has to suit my age, in her own words, "should be hip for you". So as we pick each bottle, we would say "hip" and "un-hip" if we find the color too boring or too loud. We set aside all the "hip" and from there we agreed on a soft red. I forgot what it's called but it's a cross between mild red and soft pink. Looking at my toe nails now, they are like strawberry-coated candies. I was duped by my daughter! Haha.

After the salon, we went to the mall and had dinner at Gumbo, dine New Orleans style. It's my first time to dine at their The Block, SM City North Edsa branch. I know that there is also a branch at Mall of Asia and it's also from the same company of Burgoo and Sbarro (somebody correct me if I'm mistaken here).

A few things I know about New Orleans - hurricane Katrina devastated the city about two years ago on August. The people love jazz. I remember my book, Bridges of Madison Country where a jazz singer from New Orleans was featured in the story. And this I learned from Bubba Gump, this is where cajuns and creoles originated - a combination of seafood, pork and rice - pungent and peppery.

The restaurant is medium sized but could use more room for moving around since its customers mostly come in large groups as I observed it. I love their circular booth seats. They are very comfortable. There are a lot of books and photo frames which serves as the restaurant's displays. Some tables have labels of street names, from New Orleans I bet.

The food servers and the managers are very attentive. And very much alive. That's how a team should be. Kudos to their training group and their recruitment for hiring pleasant looking people who can deliver good service and has good customer rapport. I love their hats too. They are very fancy, something you see with the food servers of T.G.I.F. Like Bubba Gump, Chilli's and the like, they sing a "happy birthday" song to any guest celebrating his or her birthday. They let the celebrator wear the fancy headdress while they sing away. Superb performance! I did not see but I bet there is a free dessert.

Now the food, they offer bread and olive oil with garlic while you are waiting for your order. It's a good appetizer. We had iced tea and chocolate chip milkshake which according to my daughter tastes good. She had it up to the last drop. We ordered cheezy hotdog sandwich with french fries on the side. Huge.

Their seafood jambalaya is a treat also. There is a choice of original (which is spicy) or mild only. I took the latter since I don't go for too much spice on food. The garlic and shrimp aglio olio can do with some more salt. It was really bland when served to us we have to ask for salt. Everything else is good, like what we told with the food server who approached us and asked how the food is, except for the pasta.

It's a novelty also to hear the kitchen crew's chant before serving jambalaya and gumbo, "Ah, Jambalaya!" or "Gumbo!". I got a little startled when I first heard them but I was amused, and the other customers too, with their energy and hustle movement. The team is having fun and that is great because the customers can feel we are all having a good time.

Therefore the conclusion is Gumbo is worth another trip and another. :)

And it's worthy to say that a full day spent with my daughter - whether at the salon, the mall, the restaurant, or just being at home - whether we argue, we agree, we goof around - is what I love doing the most.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rai Rai Ken

After office I planned to pass by the department store to buy my Vegas-based brother some things he requested me to buy for him. I decided to take the MRT instead for a faster commute. As I stepped out of the elevator, I was surprised with the huge crowd of people I saw in the lobby of the station. I asked around. Technical problem. Grumble. As of the moment, no train will be coming by. I don't want to wait. It will take an hour or more I believe. I will take a cab. But there is no empty cab. Every cab that passed by is occupied. Therefore I called my husband to tell him to fetch me.

I ended up at Rai Rai Ken. I realized I have not eaten properly today. Just had half a cup of coffee for breakfast, congee for lunch and two spoons of egg with mayo for snack. I was starving. I am not so fond of Japanese food but Rai Rai Ken is open till nine thirty. It was only seven something on my watch, safe enough to stay at RRK while waiting for hubby and satisfy my hungry stomach.

I had Unagi Don (eel in teriyaki sauce) because it's the softest real food they have. I still can't bite properly because of the recently adjusted braces. I am not in the mood for noodles anymore. The husband and the daughter came in an hour after.

As usual the husband had his Kani salad. This is a staple for him whenever we are in a Japanese restaurant. Hubby made his own version of this using shredded cucumber and crab meat and diced ripe mangoes served with lettuce. Nothing of the salmon roe though. If I was already blogging then, I won't miss taking pictures of him in the kitchen doing his Iron Chef thing. Haha. He made his own Japanese mayonnaise as dictated by a friend of ours over the phone. Very simple, ordinary mayonnaise mixed with ketchup and a dash of salt and sugar and black pepper. Well actually I cannot distinguish between the usual mayonnaise we use for sandwiches and Japanese mayo. I think the Jap mayo tastes saltier.

And our not-so-little-pretty-one had her chicken teriyaki. Normally I would ask for spoon and fork for the two of us so we can eat properly. I can use chopsticks but I don't prefer it when I am really hungry. But according to the daughter, she wants to get used to chopsticks. Okay then. I am not so fond of teriyaki sauce...Or if I may say, I don't like any sauce poured all over my food. I always want it on a separate plate so I can just dip my food a little which is what I did with my Unagi Don. Sesame seeds though makes teriyaki sauce tastes better.

My supposed only expense for the day which is seventeen pesos (.37 USD) for the train ride increased by four thousand percent (the increase was shouldered by the hubby of course, haha). But looking at it, that's better than waiting for the train or the cab that could take forever. Plus dinner with the hubby and daughter and going home with them capped my night very well. :)

Monday, August 6, 2007

Yang Chow That Made Me Feel Good

My braces were adjusted yesterday. I spent forty five minutes or so with my dentist-friend while she's doing some work on my teeth. Eww, it hurt. I was telling myself why did I even think of these adult braces? Why haven't I done this oral rehabilitation when I was a lot younger? But as my friend told me, it will not hurt anymore as much as it did yesterday because the succeeding visits will only be minor adjustments. After a few minutes after the session, the pain went away but I still cannot bite even soft food. I have to chew very slowly.

In a way this is good for my diet. For the past weeks I have not been taking my regular food consumption. My rice intake lessened by more than half compared to what I normally consume in a day. Let me just keep it a secret how much rice I usually have. Also, I was able to save some money since I bring my own food at the office. A lot of savings if I may say because when I buy my lunch or snack, a lot of desserts go with them.

At times when I am not able to prepare food to take with me or when I am in a major hurry, I have salad, congee and pancakes. I learned to love congee and soups. I don't prefer them when I can eat food which are a lot tastier. But I greatly appreciate them now and they will be part of my favorites even after the braces.

I have not been to Wendys for several months now. They don't have the salad bar already. Maybe because some customers get more than they can have - like they get what is good for not just one but five persons. Bad for the profit. They still have the macaroni salad which was what I had. Still great but there is no more hard boiled egg which I prefer more than the red jelly.

I love most servings of North Park Noodle House. It was my first time though to order their congee with bola-bola and egg last Friday. I love it! It's actually good for two. There is no garlic aftertaste.

I am a Pancake House diner eversince. Aside from their taco and salisbury steak, I love their classic country medley - sausage and pancakes with butter or syrup plus coffee or juice. Hmmm, delicious. The pancakes' texture is just right for me.


I was browsing on some nice-to-read blogs earlier tonight when I clicked a link to a blog about a man's chronicles of his life as a single parent and taking care of his only son. There were some posts which touched my emotions, they made me shed some tears as I was reading them. I always want to end something on a good note so I browsed some more of his categories. Good! I was entertained with his choices of music and books. He writes well too.

To make me feel even better, I prepared Yang Chow Fried Rice for dinner. I altered some ingredients I got from Yummy Magazine. Thanks Yummy Mag for being a great part in my kitchen adventures. :) Yes, that's how newbie I am in cooking, I need a recipe for even a simple dish. Anyway, I did not add dried shrimp (hibe) but fresh shrimp. I don't like dried fish much so I skipped adding it. I was not able to eat much but as a newbie in the kitchen, I feel really good if I get compliments for the food I prepared.

They say there are certain foods that make us feel good because of their chemical composition. Like sweets, we experience sugar rush and it keeps us up and about. This one though made me feel good because of two reasons. The hubby and the daughter loved it! And I was able to prepare it without any hitch - no burnt garlic or onion, the green peas didn't fall off as I was transferring them, the Chinese sausage and the shrimps cooperated with me and proved to be good bites. That's my little success for the night. :)

Sunday, July 29, 2007



My daughter and I have visited Cocorama a few months back. It's a cute dining cafe located at Shangri-La Plaza Mall in Mandaluyong City. I find the theme and the decors really creative. The walls are very bright. It has the 70s feel but with 80s color combination. I love the "flower power" mural. Part of the wall decorations are vinyl records I posted in one of my photo hunt entries. There's also a disco ball hanging from the ceiling.

They also have creative names for their menu list. There's Travolta, LSD, Scream and Jackson Five which I took a shot of below. I'm just wondering why there's one pancake which is not supposed to be there. Or is that supposed to be Michael Jackson? No offense to MJ fans out there. :)

A big red VW Kombi serves as a wall separating the kitchen and the dining area. It also serves as the counter. The angus beef cooked and served Filipino style (well-done, with vinegar on the side and garlic rice) is good.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Kitchen Day

This day is "kitchen day" for me. I have been meaning to be a good cook, a good baker for months now. I have always been fond of cooking but got into it sporadically. I will not promise myself anything but I would be very happy if I can pursue this at least every weekend.

I tried this dish at my classmate's restaurant, Cook Book Kitchen, and it had been a favorite of mine since then. I shared it with my husband and daughter and they both loved it instantly. It's called Parmesan Crusted White Fish. Much as I would want to get the recipe from my classmate, I practiced restraint. This dish is their best seller. I would not want to put her on the spot. Por delicadeza, I did not ask since most recipes in restaurant menus normally have something 'secret' to differentiate the taste. According to her though, they use Blue Tang (dory fish).

I was ready to browse on the web for a recipe of the said dish but it's a good thing the same dish is on Yummy Magazine. Blessing! :) The magazine used salmon. Good thing I have stock of the ingredients at home except for the Parmesan cheese and salmon. So yesterday, I headed to the grocery and added these to my list.

Before and after. Not much difference but I am happy to note I was able to finish this Salmon Casserole little short of thirty minutes. Smells really good.

The presentation is not good. I'm just a newbie in the kitchen. Maybe later on I will be able to master food presentation in my own little way.

As if I cannot get enough, while overseeing and waiting for my daughter to finish her school assignments before I check on them, I multitasked by baking Betty Crocker's Double Chocolate Chunk. A little mix of vegetable oil, egg and water...I have a cookie mix. The preparation is at the back of the packaging. It was done in twenty five minutes. No sweat. :)

My daughter and I decided not to mold then into little cookies. We just poured the whole mix in the pan and make it like a big cookie. The result as you can see is much like a brownie. But it tastes good. :)

That was how I spent my Sunday. After church in the morning, I spent most of the day in the kitchen. I intend to do this at least every weekend. It was really fun! :)

**I wanted to create a link to Yummy Magazine to give credit where credit is due and to link the recipe for Salmon Casserole. But I don't know, Summit Media gives me an error message.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fish Balls


Squidballs is one of the fun foods that I really enjoy. It's popular here in the Philippines. There are food carts and kiosks in almost all of the malls here selling dimsum including fish and squidballs. I read in one website, which I cannot remember right now the address, that there will be a squash-enriched squidball to promote a healthier 'pig-out' food. Most prefer to dip these in chili sauce but some opt for banana sauce which is a little sweet.

These meatballs are of Chinese origin. Fishballs were the first to become popular in this country since it's cheaper and it used to be classified as a street food, meaning, it was peddled by ambulant vendors in various communities like residential areas, schools, even near office establishments. They still do but as its popularity became strong, we saw a lot of improvement as how it was prepared and how it was presented. Squidballs followed suit. It made its entry too in the 'go and grab' food category. As we know these meatballs are often a part of hotpots, it's chewy characteristic is a good match for noodles. There are a lot of things we can do with these squidballs - can be soup or curry, there's even squidball ramen.

One can buy ready-to-fry frozen squiballs in supermarkets. Or you can DIY if you're that patient. :)


I think I have to elaborate some more about squidballs. :) Based on some comments, they are thought of as something else, like literally squid balls. Squidballs are made of squid meat wrapped in flour and egg for some, a little of salt and some spices. This is the generic way to do it but click here for some Chinese Squidballs recipe if anyone's interested. :)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Everything Nice Cake Shop and Cafe

Let me share with you one of the 'small feasts' we had in one of the restaurants in Baguio City, Everything Nice Cake Shop and Cafe.

The place is cozy enough for a quick lunch and snack. The staff are friendly and very attentive. What I like about them is their sense of urgency. I can see from where I was sitting how they manage the cue of orders being taken in and out of the kitchen such that all are served in less than five minutes.

The chicken is swimming in white sauce that is so creamy it goes very well with the deeply fried chicken, ham and cheese. This chicken cordon bleu instantly became our favorite.

Whenever he can, hubby always takes his meal without rice (a substitute will do). Part of his strategic plan in dieting. Right. :) This hungarian sausage with potato salad suited him well. It's very filling.

Now for the dessert, creme brulee for Andi and their 'home made' potato chips capped our lunch. From our experience, Everything Nice Cake Shop and Cafe lived up to its name, from the place to the staff and of course, the food.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Burgoo After my dental appointment last Saturday we had a quick lunch at Burgoo, one of our favorite restos. My daughter's too because she loves to write and draw on the paper mat which also serves as the table's cover while waiting for the food. This is a good strategy to pass away the time.

From my previous experiences, the service people are very attentive even if it's their peak time. But last Saturday, Burgoo's service (The Block, SM North Edsa branch) was not good in terms of attending time and service time. We were greeted by the customer relations person and lead us to our table. Menu was given promptly. The thing is, fifteen minutes has passed and no one is coming to our table to ask for our orders. I'm sure there is a person assigned for each table. Anyway, I have to call on someone to ask if he can already take my orders. He did. We waited for twenty minutes for the food. Jambalaya and baby back ribs for me and hubby. Chicken and fries for Andrea which the waiter thought of taking back thinking it was fish fillet. Oooops, product knowledge is very important for the frontliners. I came from the food industry so I know the standards.

Time to pay the bill. My husband called on the food attendants thrice before we were attended properly. And that's not all, we have to wait for another fifteen minutes for the change. The manager asked how's the food while handing over this coupon for a free something on our next visit. I said they were fine but the serving time took so long. He just smiled and said it's kind of peak. Of course, that was lunch time. That was the only thing he said. Maybe he forgot the script on what to tell customers when given such comments.

Jambalaya, this is my all-time favorite at Burgoo. The regular size is prized at around P240 and it's good for two already.

The fries are soggy. :(

Baby back ribs are like drowning with sauce.