Friday, October 22, 2010

Take Home Goodies

It's my habit to bring home pasalubong to my daughter coming home from the office. I love the feeling that I take home something for her which I know she will appreciate. Nothing big. Mostly food she can munch on after dinner. Lately though I've been buying Donut Dips from Mister Donut. My husband was the first one to discover this. A lot of times for several consecutive nights he kept on bringing home Donut Dips to think he's the number one critic of Mister Donut. He doesn't like their donuts.

A bite of the donut dipped in chocolate is enough for me. This is patterned after churros which I love too.

If I may say this, menu boards of restaurants are more effective when they they are designed simply and clearly. The pictures of food in the well-lit menu board of Mister Donuts are very inviting. I bought their Baked Cheese and Tomato Pene because the picture looks so appetizing. And the picture did not lie. It's value for money. Delicious pasta at P60. Love it! My daughter and husband love it too.

Whatever happened to Dunkin' Donuts? I still love their croissant but it seems Mister Donut is way ahead of them now in terms of product development and building a more attractive store.

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