Sunday, March 29, 2009

Square Pizza

Pizzas usually come in round shapes but there are a handful of restaurants serving square ones. Years ago when I was just starting in the food industry, one of the novelties introduced by the food company I was in was the square pizza. Well, yes, Marketing even pushed for heart-shaped pizza for Valentine's. I remember a lot of customers were fond of the square but not of the heart.

Here's a square pizza with loads of mozzarella cheese, onion and tiger prawns - my favorite combination. This is Fish and Co.'s marsala pizza which I shared in two different occasions - first with my Filipino Mom Blog friends and the second time with my family on the eve of my husband's birthday last year.

Well my husband did not want me to tell the staff that we were supposed to be having an advanced birthday dinner for him. With my friends though, we gladly mentioned to the dining attendant that two mommies were celebrating their birthdays. Chats and Cookie's birthdays were a week or two ago actually when we had that dinner.

See below the complimentary round chocolate cake on a huge square white plate. It makes the cake look bigger. We wish they filled up the plate with lots of chocolate syrup. :)

***It's Hip to be Square at Lasang Pinoy, Sundays .

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Piazza Pazzo

The summer heat makes one crave for anything that will quench the thirst, anything that will make your body feel cool. My daughter and I decided to have some gelato while going around Power Plant. Piazza Pazzo's counter caught our attention when we passed by the foodcourt. Lined up were so many flavors of gelato. More than twenty I think.

Of course, there's nothing else for me but cioccolato. It's creamy and as you can see, one order can be shared by two. Big serving.

Same goes for their pasta, the serving is meant to be shared by two. I ordered macaroni with cheese, bacon bits and mushroom. I don't know if there is any other secret ingredient here but one thing I can say, the noodles has the right bite - they are soft but they do not slide between my teeth. I love the crunchy bacon bits which go with the pasta.

Since my daughter loves cheese, we ordered their pizza topped with four kinds of cheese the names of which I failed to remember. But anyway, I find that this is not the usual pizza served in most pizza houses. I was looking for the tomato sauce actually or the pizza sauce. The crust is not generously filled with sauce which is how their pizzas are done to highlight the toppings and the crust better. I am a fan of thin, crunchy crusts so this is fine with me.

The bread goes with the usual bread dipping - olive oil, balsamic vinegar, peppercorn, probably loads of herbs and spices, and grated cheese. Sometimes bread and coffee are enough to feed my appetite especially if the main dish is served after quite some time (twenty minutes and above). I feel like canceling my order at times like that since the bread filled me up already. :D

***Lasang Pinoy, Sundays hosts Bread-y or Not for this week's theme.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pink Bag, It's Edible

Isa ito sa mga display cakes sa Marta's Cakes sa kanilang branch sa Serendra. Napaka-creative ng mga nagdidisenyo ng mga cakes dito. Lahat ng pwede mong isipin naidedesign nila - treasure box, under the sea, kahit mga fliflops pa na gustong-gusto ko. Magaling sila sa mga detalye at color coordination. Iniisip kong ang tagal sigurong gawin nito. Sa palagay ko malaking porsyento sa costing ng cake ang disenyo at labor.

(This is one of the display cakes at Marta's Cakes located at Serendra. The cake designers are so creative. The designs are anything you can imagine - treasure box, under the sea, even flipflops which I really like. They pay great attention to details and they are good at color schemes. I am thinking how long one cake is done. Perhaps a huge percentage of the cake's costing come from design and labor.)

Sa Marta's Cakes din maaaring gumawa ang mga bata (pwede rin ang mga oldies) ng kanilang sariling disenyo sa cupcakes. Nakakaaliw silang tignan sa paggamit ng mga makukulay na toppings.

(At Marta's Cakes, children, as well as adults, can create their own cupdake design. It's fun watching kids take it seriously, how they mix and match the different colors of the toppings and how they carefully squeeze each tube for perfect strokes.)

Puntahan ang Litratong Pinoy para sa iba't-ibang uri ng bags na tema ngayong linggong ito. Ako'y bibisita sa mga kapwa LP participants mamayang gabi, Philippine time. Magandang Huwebes!

(Please visit Litratong Pinoy and check out more bags, this week's theme. I'll be visiting other LP members later tonight. Have a great Thursday!)