Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Maybe you've passed by their giant billboards along EDSA (a major thoroughfare in Metro Manila). Maybe you've actually seen them and had a taste of them in your favorite doughnut store. These two remind me of the penguins in Madagascar. But I know they're supposed to be snowmen and they are the featured doughnuts of Krispy Kreme for the holidays. :)

They're cute! Though I am not into fancy donuts, I bought them together with the chocolate and cookies and cream flavor. They're just like ordinary donuts only the buttons are of chocolate flavor and the nose so small you wouldn't notice its taste, if it tastes anything at all. The scarves are like gummy bears. The red's strawberry and the green one has a lemony taste according to my husband. It's a fun doughnut - scrutinize, giggle then gobble up. :)

More fabulous holiday finds in white at the Filipino Mom Blog headquarters. :)


julie said...

Yup, we've seen this but we got the rival Christmas donut designs last weekend :)

imom said...

hi Lynn! Nice new blog you got here... Oh, those snowmen look too cute to be eaten. hehe

Julie, which rival donuts? Gonuts has Christmas designs too?

Ibyang said...

i want!!!
i hope we have snowmen donuts here in Sydney :)

Cookie said...

i just remembered, i promised the hezzies that i'd get them these snowmen :)

Heart of Rachel said...

So cute! I would love to get some soon.

Dora said...

So cute that i think i wont want to eat them...;p