Sunday, August 30, 2009

Squid Ball

All pictures below were taken from my "cooking" post for Photo Hunt many entries ago. I was not able to chance upon any street hawkers selling my favorite fish balls or kikiam or banana cue. I opted to use what I already have.

Photo Hunt participants are mostly from the west. Apparently they took squid balls literally, like "balls of squid". Some comments mentioned they cannot bring themselves to eat this even if they are very adventurous when it comes to food. Short of saying this is really yucky.

I have to actually add this to my post to make it clear what squid balls are.
Squidballs are made of squid meat wrapped in flour and egg for some, a little of salt and some spices. This is the generic way to do it but click here for some Chinese Squidballs recipe if anyone's interested.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Soft Spread

I love butter, soft spread, margarine. The food attendant at my gym already know my special request - toast till the bread gets light brown and spread lots of butter. I often buy the tuna melt sandwich. Yummy! There are days when I am contented with just soft spread in my sandwich. I gobble on this in the middle of work, or at home while on line, even while studying with my daughter.

The tagline of Blue Bonnet is "I can't believe it's not butter!". But it does have the taste and feel of a creamy butter. Another favorite is the salted Anchor butter.

It's on my table, yes. Dip the butter knife and spread.


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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kimono Ken

We usually watch a movie late afternoon on a weekend. More often than not, we cap the night by having dinner in one of the restaurants within the mall. Here's one such night when we turned Japanese (well sort of) and chose Kimono Ken.

(Kadalasan nanonood kami ng sine hapon ng weekend. Madalas din ay naghahapunan kami sa isa sa mga restaurants na nasa loob ng mall. Isang gabi ay nagustuhan ng mag-ama ko ang Japanese food at napili nila ang Kimono Ken.)

If you're familiar with what I share in my blogs, my daughter is a fan of gyudon. She's a growing girl. She can consume the whole bowl now.

(Madalas kong maibahagi sa aking mga blogs na paborito ng anak ko ang Gyudon. Nakakaubos na siya ng isang mangkok kahit malaki ang serving. Lumalaki na nga ang anak ko.)

Beef Gyudon

And I'm always on the safe side as I am not so much fond of Japanese food. I love rice meals though, Omu rice mixed with chicken cutlets and mushroom.

(Hindi talaga ako adventurous sa pagkain lalo na at hindi ko naman masyadong gusto ang Japanese food. Omu rice ang madalas ko namang orderin - may kahalong manok at mushroom.)

Omu Rice

I forgot what exactly this is called. I think it's Oyakodon, rice topped with egg, some vegetable and chicken.

(Hindi ko matandaan kung ano ang eksaktong tawag dito. Oyakodon yata - rice toppings na may itlog, gulay at manok.)


My husband's favorite, beef teppanyaki. The beef is really juicy and tender.

(Ang paborito naman ng asawa ko, beef teppanyaki. Malambot ang beef at napaka-juicy.)

Beef Teppanyaki

This salad is always present in our list of orders whenever we are in a Japanese restaurant, kani salad. (Ang laging present sa aming order kapag sa isang Japanese restaurant kami kumakain, kani salad.)

Kani Salad

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Sunday, August 23, 2009


There are certain beans that I don't eat - pinto, black beans, well most kidney beans. I often leave them out and let my husband or my daughter have my share. I don't touch the beans whether they are from my taco or burrito, or a side dish, not even pork and beans. You have an idea who devoured all these beans.

Mr. Rockefeller, Boneless Bourbon Ribs

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Charlie's Grind and Grill

Charlie's Grind and Grill is far from our place so we have not visited it even if my friends keep on telling me the food is worth the travel. It's located at Kapitolyo Drive, Pasig, City. We had a chance to try it for a quick snack when my husband had an appointment near the area.

I ordered for the fish and chips. I found the serving quite small and it's not as meaty as I expected it unlike what I often order at Napoli Ristorante. It tastes good alright but it's not on top of my list.

As a cake lover, chocolate cake to be specific, I make it a point to try cakes of restaurants I visit especially if there's decadent chocolate cake. Hmmm, again, I was not amazed with the taste. I prefer the icing gooey and melts in the mouth.

Saving the best for last, the black angus burger is the best! Your choice to have it with fries or not.

I needed to take a picture of it before my husband took a bite. Haha. He's used to me by now. It would be a surprise to him if I don't take pictures of what we are eating.


The meat is juicy, generous cheese dripping on your mouth as you take a bite. I love this.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

North Park Merienda

I wanted something easy to chew because I just had my adult braces adjusted. My officemates were good enough to suggest congee at North Park for our afternoon snack.
(Gusto ko ng pagkaing madaling nguyain dahil kaka-adjust lang ng braces sa ngipin ko. Mabuti na lang at naisip ng officemates ko na magmerienda kami sa North Park.)

I had the simplest congee I could find from the menu. I was full after a bowl. Serving is quite big.
(Nag-order ako ng pinaksimpleng congee na nasa menu. Nabusog ako pagkatapos ng isang mangkok. Medyo malaki ang serving.)

A variety of the congee my officemate ordered, with shredded pork, vegetables, century egg.
(Isang variety ng congee naman ang inorder ng kasama ko, may himay-himay na pork, gulay at century egg.)

But then the two boys won't settle for anything else but food that will last till six o'clock strikes even if there are two coffee breaks in the afternoon. I have to say the boneless fried chicken chops is one of NP's specialties. You wouldn't notice you've been munching on it until only a few pieces are left on the plate. I always wonder how it is crispy on the outside but so soft and chewy in the inside.
(Pero syempre ang mga lalaki gusto nila yung aabot ang kabusugan nila hanggang mag-uwian kahit may isa pa ulit na coffee break. Masasabi kong best seller naman talaga ng NP ang boneless fried chicken chops. Ang sarap papakin. Paano kaya nagagawa yung crispy sa labas pero napakalambot ang meat.)

Lechon macau is also a specialty. I usually order this over fried rice. The crispy skin is so inviting but I know better than to break my brackets and hurt myself. Next time. :)
(Lechon macau ay isang specialty din. Madalas kong orderin ito na may kasamang fried rice. Nakakagigil ang malutong na balat pero baka mabali ang brackets ko. Sa susunod na lang.)

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Sunday, August 16, 2009


I prefer to have my ice cream just plain. I am not fond of toppings even if they are chocolate toppings like M&M or truffle. I have to agree though that fancy ice creams are great come on specially for children.

My daughter loves this dessert from Tender Bob's, mud bowl - chocolate ice cream with whipped cream and cherry on top, chocolate syrup, M&M, gummy bears and candy sprinkles all over.

She prepared the ice cream posted below at home. As for me I prefer drizzling my ice cream with Hershey's Shell Topping which freezes in a second. Yum! Super chocolatey flavor!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Old Spaghetti House

Like what I have mentioned in the past, it is my family's routine to go to church on Sundays and proceed to the grocery right after. If we're still out by twelve noon, we opt to take our lunch in a nearby restautant which was what happened a few Sundays ago.

(Katulad ng naikwento ko ng mga nakaraang post, routine na ng pamilya namin ang sumamba tuwing Linggo at mag-grocery pagkatapos. Sa labas na rin kami nanananghalian kapag inaabot kami ng lunch time gaya ng nangyari mga ilang linggo na ang nakakaraan.)


We had our lunch at The Old Spaghetti House near our place. Yummy pasta for our lunch. Have a feast. We were supposed to order their funnel cake (or fried spaghetti) but we were so full already. Next time.

(Nag-lunch kami sa The Old Spaghetti House malapit sa aming bahay. Masarap na pasta para sa aming tanghalian. Dapat ay oorder pa ako ng funnel cake (fried spaghetti kung tawagin nila) ngunit busog na kami. Wala nang paglalagyan. Sa susunod na lang.)



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Sunday, August 9, 2009


The family that drinks together, stays together. I've said that a number of times. :) From left to right - chillin' at Conti's - daughter's mocha frappe (if i remember it right), my usual yellow mango shake and hubby's iced tea.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009


This is what I thought for this week's Photo Hunt theme, "low". Low in fat - what else but the cereals we have for breakfast on some days each week. My husband and my daughter sometimes take them too as afternoon or late night snack.

My daughter was munching on this yesterday afternoon, Fruity Cheerios. I love the color.

Happy weekend!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Gotti's Ristorante

Sharing with you one of my favorite lunches - spaghetti pesto. This came with ceasare and two slices of pizza in thin crust. I had this at Gotti's Ristorante located at the new wing of SM Megamall.

The restaurant has simple interiors which reminds you of your school cafeteria only this is more organized, cleaner perhaps and has huge murals of pasta and some random Italians maybe. The service crews are very attentive. What surprised me was the serving size of their iced tea. I ordered regular but it could very well pass as the large size. I don't have a picture of it though but the server told me, yes, it's their regular size.


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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Breakfast (Almusal)

I normally list down our food for the week - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nothing grand but I just want to be sure we are having some balance in our food intake. This helps me also to have an inventory of what we have and don't have. I know if I need to replenish mid-week. We usually do the grocery on weekends.

(Nakagawian ko nang ilista ang aming menu para sa isang linggo - almusal, tanghalian at hapunan. Gusto ko lang masiguradong kahit papaano ay balanse ang kinakain namin at hindi paulit-ulit. Nakakatulong din ito sa akin para malaman ko kaagad kung kailangan ko nang mag-grocery kahit hindi pa weekend.)

This was what we had this morning. This was half of the last pack of cheesedog in the freezer. I mixed it with lots of onions and a few cloves of garlic. It went well with sunny side-up, bread, oatmeal, hot coffee for me and hubby and fresh milk for my daughter. Anything would go well in a rainy morning. :)

(Ito ang almusal namin kaninang umaga. Ito ang kalahati sa huling pack ng cheesedog na nasa freezer. Hinaluan ko na ng maraming onions at kaunting bawang. Bagay siyang kasama ng aming sunny side-up, tinapay, oatmeak, mainit na kape para sa aming mag-asawa at sariwang gatas para sa aking anak. Kahit ano yata ay masarap kapag umuulan.)

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mung Bean Sprouts

It's a welcome surprise that my daughter is fond of togue (mung bean sprouts). She loves this better as lumpia (spring roll). If we have it as lumpia, I like it dipped in vinegar with soy sauce and lots of onions. It was raining hard almost the whole day yesterday and this was what I thought of preparing - togue mixed with carrots and tofu - to go with the grilled fish.

Quick to cook and very filling plus very nutritious. According to Sprout People, mung beans are reach in Vitamins A, B, C and E, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. From Associated Content, mung bean sprouts are free of cholesterol and has approximately 30 calories only per cup. Hail to the bean sprouts!

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