Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gumbo Dinner

I thought of having yet another seafood jambalaya. And if it's that, it's either Burgoo or Gumbo. The mall where these two are located is very accessible from where I live. I shared one of our Gumbo eat outs here. Gumbo is on the ground floor so we decided to just have our dinner there. Lazy bones. That's the advantage of standing in a prime space.

For no reason I changed my mind when we got in. I thought of trying other dishes. I am not fond of spicy foods so when I had my choice from the menu the first thing I asked is to cut down on the spicy seasoning. I can sense even a teeny weeny tinge of it in my food which sometimes turns me off. Their stuffed crab did not disappoint. The filling is generous. A little spicy but I was amenable to it.

Bayou Stuffed Crab P350+

We munched on buffalo chicken wings too. I only had a few bites just to have a taste. The meat is really tender. A spicy food lover would love this. Surprisingly my daughter likes it.

Buffalo Chicken Wings P280+

Baked lasagna is steaming hot swimming with cheese which my daughter loves. See, she spooned a part already. She couldn't wait.

Baked Lasagna P380+

Sharing also at The Mommy Zone what my daughter busied herself with while I was still eating. Happy WS-hopping!


SASSY MOM said...

Yummmmm.... yummmm... Thanks for sharing!

Ibyang said...

oh my those are all delish food, the photos were mouth-watering :)

Enchie said...

Yummy! Now I'm craving for pasta ;)

iska said...

Everything looks YUM! I wanna have a bite of that stuffed crab.

luna miranda said...

the stuffed crab looks scrumptious!

Karen said...

Those foods are mouth-watering.

gen/entry said...

Wow yummy delicious foods. TC

arielle said...

Nakakagutom naman po yan... :-)