Sunday, November 30, 2008

Silog (Garlic Rice and Egg)

Silog is a contraction of sinangag at itlog (garlic rice and egg) which is a very popular Filipino food. One can have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And one can do a lot with it - partner it with different viands and have some side dish and voila, you have one perfect meal. Its rich flavor satisfies the appetite and makes one crave for more.

Normally when our family goes malling we already have a restaurant on mind. We already know where we will go after a movie/shopping/grocery to rest our tired feet and feed our hungry stomach. But at times we get really indecisive. We don't want pasta, we don't want pizza or any elaborate concoctions. When these happens, we go for Filipino dishes - caldereta, sinigang, veggies, and yes, silog. Like what we had a few weeks ago at Razon's at the foodcourt of Trinoma.

Longsilog (longanisa + sinangag + garlic egg)
Bangusilog (bangus + sinangag + garlic egg)
Tocilog (tocino + sinangag + garlic egg)
While I am at it, let me share two more dishes we ordered. My husband loved the sisig. And I think the other one is chicken adobo. It completely slipped my mind.

Sizzling Sisig
Chicken/Pork Adobo
What we did not have was the famous Razon's halo-halo. With all that we had, there's no more room for anything else in our tummy. Next time, halo-halo will be included in our menu.

With all the pictures I posted, I definitely enjoyed Lasang Pinoy Sundays today. :)

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Jescel said...

literally drooling at the pics of your silogs.. so yummy!