Monday, April 27, 2009

Changing Template

If there is something weird you find in here, it's because I'm trying to change templates. Nothing really wonderful. I just want to change templates. That's how I am when I am restless - I do some changes, adjustments.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Go Natural

There are natural sources of vitamins and minerals which can help increase our resistance to flu especially now that the weather is having abrupt changes which could have undesirable effects on our bodies. A lot of kids have cough and cold because of the unpredictable weather - hot one moment and it's raining the next. The weird thing is this summer seems to be the hottest summer I have experienced in my life and yet it's raining. The weather bureau is not declaring summer has ended but it's only a rainy summer. Figure that out.

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Fruits and vegetables help shield our bodies from harmful elements that could attack anytime. These foods are not as expensive as, say, a meal at your favorite fast food chain. Let's religiously include in our budget healthy foods that will come along way in protecting our bodies.

Bell peppers are natural sources of two powerful antioxidants, vitamin C and A. Included in the daily diet, they help promote lung health.

Bitter gourd or bitter melon is one vegetable which gives so many health benefits. My father is a very health conscious person. He is one to swear on the good benefits of eating bitter gourd. He drinks this vegetable's juice with honey everyday. It helped a lot in lowering sugar levels in blood and urine.

As we have probably learned since grade school, carrot is a rich source of beta-carotene. It is an antioxidant and boosts our immune system. It's a good thing we all love eating carrots in our family - whether raw or an ingredient in a vegetable dish.

I learned from the nutritionist who oriented me and my husband on our first day at the gym that chayote is one of the vegetables with no cholesterol, low in calories and very rich in fiber. Well, this is one of the vegetables highly accepted in my family since it tastes good especially when they are sauteed with pork, tomato, onion and garlic.

I learned that eggplant is a brain food. According to eggplant research, nasunin, a nutrient found on its skin, is known to protect brain cell membranes.

And who will argue with fresh fruits? We always have fruits in our house since I was a child. Banana is a staple. My mother sees to it we have our fair share of fruits within the day. I carry that with me now that I am a mom.

*Reference: World's Healthiest Foods
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Friday, April 24, 2009

Green Joy

Do you sometimes have a craving for your trusty neighborhood food? The food you grew up with or at least somewhat similar? I do.

This pizza store I see around the area where I live has intrigued me because its name seemed to have been inspired by the pizza chain I used to be a part of. I went there with my husband and tried to see what they have to offer. I was not disappointed.

The store is clean and well-lit. The all-around person manning the store is polite and very accommodating.

The colors are really eye-catching - a combination of green and orange - who would miss this? The logo is decent enough.

Even the packaging is quite dainty, the printing is of good quality. See the hot sauce? I have to prick with a toothpick whenever I encounter sauces packed in plastic tubes, like the sauces for siopao (though most come now in sachets).

And most of all they are serving a no-frills pizza which I really like. I remember the pizza I used to buy from the school cafeteria - ham and cheese and mushroom and it's good to go straight to my stomach. I remember this pizza is called pizza delight. My boyfriend (now my husband) and I frequently order this pizza flavor back in college.

Surprisingly, the crust is very crunchy even if a good twenty or so minutes have elapsed from their store to my house. I didn't see the kind of oven they are using. Truth is I find pizzas cooked in portable ovens crunchier than those in conveyor ovens.

Anyway, the burger is good too - it's like a homemade burger that is just juicy. I believe I will be a frequent visitor of this neighborhood pizza store.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sumo Sam

Off we went to Sumo Sam for a very unadventurous dinner. We had what we usually order. As always my daughter chose gyudon. This is a staple when we dine in a Japanese restaurant. She can finish the whole bowl of rice and beef strips very quickly but she does not touch the onions. Good thing because onion is my favorite. I get to have them.

When I don't feel like ordering anything I go for the safest. I had seafood omelette rice sans ketchup. They have big serving. The rice can be good for two.

The chicken tenders come with fries. I have to say this is the best tenders I had so far. I don't how they do it but yes, crispy in the outside but the meat is very, very tender. The fries too were very crispy even after a few minutes on our table.

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Monday, April 13, 2009


One of the restaurants we frequent when we go to Bonifacio High Street is Clawdaddy. It's always full especially at night but we patiently wait for our table. My daughter usually sits on the grass and reads her book while us, her parents, stay at the waiting area.

You can go people watching while outside since the place is packed with people - hurried and looking busy with their notebooks hanging on their shoulders, families having a good time, kids playing, young couples strolling - yes, HHWW, haha, cute! There are group of friends with their fresh smiles and hearty laughs, the young at hearts probably having quick dinner and lots of shopping. I don't get impatient waiting in this case because I love observing people.

Anyway it was a trip to Clawdaddy again and we gave in to our seafood craving and some more. Corn is a good appetizer for me but then I could have this anytime while having the main course. I just want them with lots of butter.

My husband's favorite, caesar salad. What I love is the herb crouton and the crispy bacon that go with the greens.

Cream-based soup with cheddar cheese which makes it creamier is tops to my daughter.

It's not my daughter who fancies the car that holds the chicken fingers with rice crispies. It's my husband. He collects them if I may share that.

The plain white rice that goes with the chargrilled beef ribs is for the crab and seafood boil. I am not really into grilled foods. I had a few bites of this one and it's very tender.

This doesn't look good in the picture but it's full of what is says, seafood (crab, lobster, clams, prawns, mussels) and a sausage plus baby potatoes. Yes, there's watermelon to quench your thirst after devouring all these food. :) Burp! Excuse me.

It's back to reality today after an almost week long vacation for the Holy Week. The daily grind starts again. I've learned to be more appreciative of the blessings that come our way. Here's wishing everyone a bountiful week ahead!

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Grilled Ensaymada

Red Ribbon's grilled ensaymada was a pleasant surprise. Their service is another story. It's the usual ensaymada in their menu topped with butter and confectionery sugar, straight from the griddle I suppose, or oven. It's really soft and chewy and the butter did wonders. I love butter and I always ask for an extra serving for my pancakes or anything else that has butter on it. The melted butter gives a creamy texture on the ensaymada. Good for some quick bite. It's served with coffee but since it's summer, I wanted to have a smoothie with it. Red Ribbon has no smoothie unfortunately so I settled for 7-11's Slurpee.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Yogurt & Crepe

After attending last Saturday's Krispy Kreme event, I dropped by ArAma Cafe, Serendra to see my high school friend. I just have to see her and try what her cafe has to offer. If you are into wellness, this restaurant might just be for you since they serve all organic food.

We have not seen each other in ages but it was a quick meet up as she still has to attend a reception and I have to be home before traffic heats up. I have not ordered much except for desserts since my daughter and I had lunch already.

My daughter had frozen yogurt, vanilla flavor. For kids, my friend suggested that the best would be chocolate. Its flavor masks the sour aftertaste.

I shared mango crepe with muscovado sugar with my daughter. Now this is yummy! We both love it!

I'll make sure to try their pasta the next time I drop by ArAma Cafe.

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