Friday, April 3, 2009

Yogurt & Crepe

After attending last Saturday's Krispy Kreme event, I dropped by ArAma Cafe, Serendra to see my high school friend. I just have to see her and try what her cafe has to offer. If you are into wellness, this restaurant might just be for you since they serve all organic food.

We have not seen each other in ages but it was a quick meet up as she still has to attend a reception and I have to be home before traffic heats up. I have not ordered much except for desserts since my daughter and I had lunch already.

My daughter had frozen yogurt, vanilla flavor. For kids, my friend suggested that the best would be chocolate. Its flavor masks the sour aftertaste.

I shared mango crepe with muscovado sugar with my daughter. Now this is yummy! We both love it!

I'll make sure to try their pasta the next time I drop by ArAma Cafe.

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KitchenMaus said...

Wow, mouthwatering treat! Would love that too!

liza said...

I agree! Mouthwatering talaga! The yogurt looks yum.

Happy FF!

Zriz said...

The crepes are definitely yummy! I love the lightness of the crepe with all the fillings...hehehe i love creme, chocolate, and ice cream on mine...hehehe :)

♥peachkins♥ said...

Wow! I love yogurt..Naku,gusto ko matikman yan..

Jay - agent112778 said...

wow ang ako diet :D

my entry is here

Great day for us Food Friday Eaters :)
Thanx for the Visit :)

maiylah said...

i believe i can eat that mango crepe all by myself! lol

thanks for playing again, Lynn
really appreciate it
so sorry for the very late visit ...

Tahn said...

Wow this is great! Where exactly is Arama Cafe?

Lynn said...

TAHN, Thanks for asking. It's at the ground level of Serendra Piazza along other restos. Can't remember what restos are beside it but it's near A Different Bookstore if I remember it correctly. Along the side of Sonja's.