Friday, April 24, 2009

Green Joy

Do you sometimes have a craving for your trusty neighborhood food? The food you grew up with or at least somewhat similar? I do.

This pizza store I see around the area where I live has intrigued me because its name seemed to have been inspired by the pizza chain I used to be a part of. I went there with my husband and tried to see what they have to offer. I was not disappointed.

The store is clean and well-lit. The all-around person manning the store is polite and very accommodating.

The colors are really eye-catching - a combination of green and orange - who would miss this? The logo is decent enough.

Even the packaging is quite dainty, the printing is of good quality. See the hot sauce? I have to prick with a toothpick whenever I encounter sauces packed in plastic tubes, like the sauces for siopao (though most come now in sachets).

And most of all they are serving a no-frills pizza which I really like. I remember the pizza I used to buy from the school cafeteria - ham and cheese and mushroom and it's good to go straight to my stomach. I remember this pizza is called pizza delight. My boyfriend (now my husband) and I frequently order this pizza flavor back in college.

Surprisingly, the crust is very crunchy even if a good twenty or so minutes have elapsed from their store to my house. I didn't see the kind of oven they are using. Truth is I find pizzas cooked in portable ovens crunchier than those in conveyor ovens.

Anyway, the burger is good too - it's like a homemade burger that is just juicy. I believe I will be a frequent visitor of this neighborhood pizza store.

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Jay - agent112778 said...

the pizza is not bad ah..i just hope that their price is not as much as the pizza chain so that they can get the masses

my entry is hereGreat day for us Food Friday Eaters :)
Thanx for the Visit :)

iska said...

Where we live, a pizza store named "Hell's Pizza" burns us with their deadly, sinful stuff. Sarap.

Mirage said...

Onga parang Greenwich, which I love among pinoy pizzas! Happy weekend!

Lynn said...

JAY, Oh yes I forgot to mention the price. Reasonable coz I don't remember getting surprised how much it is. But I honestly forgot the exact amount. I guess that's around P85 to P100.

ISKA, I like the name. It seems to offer hot flavors. :)

MIRAGE, Yes, pati flavor. :)

incoherent said...

I like Green Joy, too!

What branch did you go to?

Lynn said...

INCOHERENT, Congressional Avenue, QC. :)

Anonymous said...

i love greenjoy pizza, the 1st branch in meycauayan, bulacan. i remember how i look forward to eating this stuff every time we wanna go big time for snack (hehe, big time kc instead of banana cue). i never had a bad experience w/ their pizza for the past 10+ years... until last sunday, 18 october 2009. i never though that i'll experience this. it's nothing major, just got disappointed.

my husband and i ordered a grande greenjoy special. 1st, i wondered why the lady didn't call me to check if the pizza is ok (unlike their usual routine), she just boxed it and called me after it's already packed. when we got home, we were dismayed to see that the pizza was burned. nobody wants to eat it that's why we went back to get a replacement.

the greenjoy lady opened the box and lifted the pizza to see how burnt it was. then told the one preparing that we are complaining. the lady who prepared the pizza commented that i never told them daw that i don't want it to be "tostado", that's when i told her that it's not tostado, it's sunog.

she prepared another one, and then put it in the oven. couple of minutes later, the lady called me to check if it's okay, i don't know if she's trying to be sarcastic but the pizza she's showing me is practically not yet done, maputi pa nga yung dough and told her na gawin naman nyang medyo brown. she put it back into the oven then next thing i knew, she was boxing it without showing me the pizza anymore... when we got home, the pizza was not yet cooked in the middle part. i don't know if it's their way of getting back at me for complaining...

not wanting any more hassles, we just shoved the pizza into the oven toaster to cook the midpart.

it was a disappointing experience, i hope they don't do such thing again as they would lose loyal customers. i know it is not a big establishment as compared to the major pizza joints to have high standards, but with these kind of attitude and customer relations, i just don't know if ever you'll reap good results.