Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fish Balls


Squidballs is one of the fun foods that I really enjoy. It's popular here in the Philippines. There are food carts and kiosks in almost all of the malls here selling dimsum including fish and squidballs. I read in one website, which I cannot remember right now the address, that there will be a squash-enriched squidball to promote a healthier 'pig-out' food. Most prefer to dip these in chili sauce but some opt for banana sauce which is a little sweet.

These meatballs are of Chinese origin. Fishballs were the first to become popular in this country since it's cheaper and it used to be classified as a street food, meaning, it was peddled by ambulant vendors in various communities like residential areas, schools, even near office establishments. They still do but as its popularity became strong, we saw a lot of improvement as how it was prepared and how it was presented. Squidballs followed suit. It made its entry too in the 'go and grab' food category. As we know these meatballs are often a part of hotpots, it's chewy characteristic is a good match for noodles. There are a lot of things we can do with these squidballs - can be soup or curry, there's even squidball ramen.

One can buy ready-to-fry frozen squiballs in supermarkets. Or you can DIY if you're that patient. :)


I think I have to elaborate some more about squidballs. :) Based on some comments, they are thought of as something else, like literally squid balls. Squidballs are made of squid meat wrapped in flour and egg for some, a little of salt and some spices. This is the generic way to do it but click here for some Chinese Squidballs recipe if anyone's interested. :)

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u8mypinkc00kies♥ said...

there is this stall in some malls called Odd Balls, and they sell yummy squidballs.. maybe what makes it good is the sauce! you can choose from sweet or spicy... :)