Monday, September 24, 2007

Five Cows

Cookie Fudge Ham and Cheese Fritters
Aglio Olio Smoker's Cake Menu

I decided to have a half-day last Friday at the office to have a movie date with my daughter. We had our snack at Five Cows. I enjoyed their aglio olio. The mix of olive oil and garlic are just perfect to my taste. No aftertaste. My daughter had her cookie fudge. It's tall and looks really appetizing. My daughter said it's good. Proof is she consumed it all. I find the smoker's cake cute so I ordered it. It's just a chocolate ice cream with graham crackers as base. Lots of marshmallows on top which look like cigarette butts hence the name of the cake. I guess what is lacking is a creamier ice cream for my not so-ice-creamy taste buds. :)

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