Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Egg Mayo and Wheat Bread

My dinner last night and hubby's was this - wheat bread, tuna with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber. He wanted it with carrots but unfortunately, there's no more in the ref.

Wheat bread expires today so I thought of having some for breakfast and bring along the last two pieces with me. I made myself an egg-mayo sandwich, mayonnaise of the lite kind. This served as my lunch and my share for this week's lunch box meme of the Filipino Mom Blog.

By the way, let me also share a good find - TakeAlongs from Rubbermaid. I love this as it is very flexible - microwave and freezer safe. They have just been taking space in my storage area from the time my mom sent them to me which was about two years ago. I have said that I am not into cooking nor preparing food before so I was not really aware of which is best for what - the different kinds of pots, pans, food storage...even the cutlery. Most of them were sent by my mother. Some my husband bought since he loves to cook even then.

I started making use of the TakeAlongs early last year when I ran out of sandwich bag for my daughter. I get to save a few pesos since I don't frequently use sandwich bag anymore. I usually use this for my daughter's sandwiches, cookies and for some leftover meals. This is not a paid post by the way. I wish it is. :)


Jescel said...

one of my fave sandwiches-- egg sandwhich on a wheat bread! yum! i'd have this any day, any time!

julie said...

Wow, sabi nga ni baby Jokjok sa radio "gusto ko yan!"

Healthy food yan :)

Rubbermaid products are good, I have several at home, yung pambaon and even my duster and tile brush are both Rubbermaid :D

imom said...

Naiinggit na ko sa healthy sandwiches nyo ni cookie ah. I should slowly start sensitizing my hub to these kinds of food...
My kids love egg and mayo sandwich too.

My kids' drinking bottles are rubbermaid. Matibay nga! I haven't tried those TakeAlongs yet.

cookie said...

namiss ko bigla ang egg salad. i haven't had that in years and i think i'll make it again.

like you, i'm a fan of rubbermaid products. matibay eh :)

Manang said...

now that I saw your post, I feel like having an egg sandwich!

u8mypinkc00kies♥ said...

love wheat bread too.. we'd always buy Gardenia's wheat bread, then make our on spread at home... :D yummy.. love ko sandwiches more than rice.