Friday, January 2, 2009

Breaded Chicken

Here is my attempt to make decent breaded chicken. I boiled the chicken wings until the meat is tender. I garnished with salt and dried rosemary sprig for a pungent flavor.

I just used a no-frills breading mix for the wings then deep fried each in a pan. The others look even but some wings seem burnt. Uneven breading is the culprit. I hope to make this better next time. I used my old trusty sweet-chili sauce as dip.

Happy new year to all and yes, you my fellow Food Friday blogmate! Cheers to 2009! :)


iska said...

Still look yummy...
Happy new year!

ces said...

happy new year lynn! it looks good to me!:)

Jay - agent112778 said...

did you to dip the chix in beaten egg b4 breading?

wishing you & yur love ones a happy and prosperous new year
my entry is here

Great day for us Food Friday Eaters :)
Thanx for the Visit :)

maiylah said...

looks good enough for me! nakakagutom! :)

thanks for playing, Lynn
happy new year! wishing you and your family more blessings!

KitchenMaus said...

I haven't tried rosemary on chicken....hmm lets see!

as jay hinted, you coat the chix on scrambled egg...try flour, egg then breading, it will be coated well and won't fall off...:D

Lynn said...

ISKA, CES, MAIYLAH, Thanks! :)

JAY, KITCHENMAUS, Thanks too for the tips but, but...the packaging says I should just dip it on the breading mix. No mention of eggs. :D Maybe I should be patient in turning the chicken from all sides so it'll have an even breading. Or do what was suggested in the packaging, get the chix and breading inside a ziplock and shake well. Next time. :)

Z'riz said...

that looks yummy! I always believe in trial and error,, the more you make it, the more tastier it becomes!

Happy New Year!
Serving mine here

julie said...

Ok lang yun, basta tasty :)

Try using beaten eggs before you put the breading para mas makapit :)