Tuesday, February 5, 2008

French Baker on a Sunday

Our usual routine on a Sunday is this: church, grocery, National Bookstore, go around the arcade for some small buys, lunch or snack (depending on the time).

I was glad to see there is French Baker inside Landmark Supermarket, Trinoma. Our feet are sore already from all the walking we did at the mall and at the grocery. We were starving. The place though is small as most French Bakers are located in supermarkets. Hubby has to bring all the grocery bags to the car so we can dine comfortably.

The coffee (Tchibo) is said to be exclusively distributed for French Baker. It's mild which is just about right for me. It comes with a bite size dessert, milk and lemon water. The presentation looks dainty with the white doily under the cup.

Beef Turn-over remains to be a favorite of my daughter. The crust has seen improvement. It used to be that the whole crust collapse when my daughter digs in her fork to cut a portion of it. It has more hold now. The beef is just so tasty. This costs around P59 (1.5USD).

I tried Tuna Turn-over for the first time. I'm into tuna these days. I was not disappointed with the taste but the filling is not as generous as that of the beef's. The price is at P60. So there's a big difference in the margin with an additional P1 compared to that of the beef. :)

Lasagna can very well be shared by two persons. At least those who consume food on the average. I find their serving big for one person. The sauce sometimes dominates the whole pasta flavor. It's a little sour for my taste.

The carbonara with its generous measure of parmesan and mushroom is a delight. I love its creamy sauce that goes well with their garlic bread.

Now the pizza looks deceiving. Nothing to rave about but it tastes a lot better than some pizza sold in other pizza houses.

Serving time is about ten minutes. The cashier is new I guess because she has to keep repeating my order and not sure about the product codes written in the order slip. Overall, French Baker is a good stop for some good food, lunch or snack time.

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