Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bellissimo Ristorante

It's one in the morning and I've to wake up at half past five AM later. Cookie and Wenchie's posts got me all excited to make an entry right now about our Bellissimo dining escapade. Well we have the same pictures of ourselves and our food. :) You can very well see how we had a good time that Friday night.

There was a press conference at the second floor I believe. I was mistaken for a guest. I wonder why. I look like some star's PR manager maybe or a magazine writer. Haha. Glossy lifestyle magazine writer. Movie producer na lang. :D I even signed the guest book because they asked me to. I thought it was for their customers' data base. *Grin*

Anyway, how's the resto? Staff - friendly, pasta - good, serving time - fast enough, place - intimate. The owner, actor Cesar Montano - dashing and very accommodating. These are the ingredients of a nice place to hang out with with your family and friends. Three point five stars, five being the highest. That would be my opinion. The washroom could do a little more sprucing up and so is the kitchen counter which can be seen from the deli area. Oh yes by the way, I bought Hungarian sausage since it's hubby's favorite. Quite expensive compared to other delis but hubby said it tastes better.

As Cookie said, this was the night The Eating Club was officially launched sans formal ceremonies of Vision, Mission, Values blood compact. We were five that night - in order of appearance: me, Cookie, Chats, Wenchie and Julie. Six if I may say, there's Wenchie's little Pio enjoying our company too. :) Expect more gastronomic adventures and good company from The Eating Club.

I will put caption in these pictures tomorrow night. For now, I'll get some ZZZzzzzsss.

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