Saturday, February 9, 2008


Am I loosely using the term "friends"? I don't know. I don't think so. I just feel so connected with my high school classmates.

As we all know during high school you have your own clique. You have your own group of friends. Somehow our class has this identity we can only call our own. We belong to the top section and ours was kind of different compared to the batches ahead of us. We were branded as aloof, as people just minding our own world. Actually, until now, it was kind of implied that we are still like that. Only a few of us are attending the regular meetings for the alumni homecoming next year and to think somebody from our section should be leading this grand event. And these few people do not even attend regularly. Priorities, priorities. Are we just too busy? Or we are just, again, minding our own world. May I quote my dear classmate M, "our class was a group of individuals and we did not act as a herd and we had fun doing so". Well said.

It was a great night. M did the honor of reserving the function room of Cravings at Shangrila so we can spend some time without bothering other guests with our endless stories and hearty laughs. The small gathering of our section is sinking in to me now. I missed them. I missed high school life. I missed the carefree days of our lives. I missed our old school grounds, the library, the canteen, the bookstore. High school life, they are one of the best memories we can always look back with smiles on our faces.

Dinner at Cravings Shangrila with our Physics teacher

Our terror professor was with us! She's our Physics teacher and everyone's a little afraid of her. She has greatly mellowed and so motherly. She still have that strong presence though and still on-the-go at age seventy one.

It's good to note everybody's got his own personal achievement, both in our careers and with our families. Some added a few pounds, some retained their slim shapes and youthful looks, some improved physically. I love you all guys! Thank you for technology we were reconnected! We are all looking forward to our next meet up.

After dinner, a few of us went to Watering Hole for a little more updating. I had bottled water as I am not into alcoholic drink even if it's social drinking. I just don't like the taste.

And the food at Cravings...I took some shots of what I had and my seat mate E, my orthodontist and my good friend.

Baked Ziti

I had baked ziti after my appetizer. Big serving as should be expected at Cravings. I wasn't able to finish it off as my appetizer of bread and salsa filled me instantly. The ziti was a little bland, it needed loads of parmesan. I was expecting gooeyness of mozarella.

Al Pesto

My friend ordered this one and wasn't too happy about it. Too much oil she said. But I am a pesto fan. I actually preferred this than the ziti.

Walnut Cake

For our dessert, a Walnut cake. I'm not into cake with nuts but I had a bite of this one. I actually liked its buttery moist feel in my tongue.

Caramel Cake

I had half of this one. It's quite heavy on the stomach as the icing is really creamy. Delicious!

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