Friday, June 5, 2009

Dinner, Quick!

I always think of shrimp if I want a delicious dinner but quick to prepare. I usually marinate shrimps with soda (Orange or Sprite) before I heat them in cooking oil. This time I just mixed them with garlic, onions, a dash of salt and steamed them in medium heat. Smells great and really yummy!

My husband loves shrimps dipped in vinegar with red hot chili peppers. My daughter and I love the taste of shrimps with its natural juice, no dip needed.

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♥peachkins♥ said...

Naku, si hubby din favorite ang shrimps

Anya said...

ako naman, ayoko ng steamed lang, gusto ko ung may mantika na pwede ibuhos sa kanin tapos kakainin ng nakakamay ang kanin at hipon, woo, that's life!

iska said...

I am a shrimp lover myself and always experimenting on different ways to cook shrimps :-) Love it spritey, too. (with Sprite! hehehe)

Zee said...

i love shrips in any cooked form! Also love it with sprite! hehehe

maiylah said...

we usually cook them with sprite, too! dip or no dip we just love them! :)

thanks for playing, Lynn :)