Monday, July 28, 2008

Liver Spread Spaghetti

A week or so ago I thought of preparing spaghetti for dinner. I was supposed to email my sister how she does it with liver spread. I like the taste of it - the sauce a little coarse on the tongue but creamy. Well the cheese in the sauce made it creamier. I browsed for a second and landed to a recipe, Liver Spread Spaghetti, from Del MOnte Kitchenomics. I just added chicken livers. Thank you, thank you for providing a quick and easy recipe for women like me who eagerly wants to learn how to cook starting with something simple.

I only prepared just enough for us in the house. Normally there would be left overs around half full of plate but this time, there's none. My daughter even requested for it as her food sharing last Thursday for their class event. Same thing, it was a hit with the kids. :)

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Have a lovely week ahead!

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