Monday, June 9, 2008

Holy Cow

It was a quick and early dinner a few weekends ago with hubby and daughter at Holy Cow, Greenbelt Trinoma. This is a steak house but I was wondering why it became holy. :) Anyway, the food we had were good. I specially like the pizza rolls. It's a pretty heavy meal, a good substitute for rice as me and hubby are trying to curb our rice intake.

Holy Cow is quite small. I find the layout a little off as the huge counter was in the middle of the dining area. It's a big block of fixture getting in the customers' way.

The nacho corn chips below is quite colorful what with the all too red nachos. But it was fun munching them.

The boneless beef ribs is very appetizing to look at but grilled is not really for me. We have cut down on this too save for teeny weeny taste of it.

They have cow heads for murals and it looks a bit creepy at some point especially the restaurant has some yellow lighting for that intimate and cozy effect.

Here's the facade of the restaurant. It feels like a modern barn to me.

My daughter posing beside the Holy Cow.

Hmmm cakes at Jack's Loft which is right beside Holy Cow. On second thoughts, we've had a full dinner already. The pizza rolls are really filling. Next time, Jack.

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