Monday, May 26, 2008

Early Bird

Hubby dropped me off in this cafe as I opted to wait than go with him to attend to some early, really early, business related matters. I wanted to do some groceries as soon as the mall opens. Early morning Starbucks. It feels good to be there without much people around, like the place is reserved just for me. There's no car passing by, the road is clear. It's a Sunday morning, people may still be sleeping or still at the church.

Savor the laid back morning.

This cake is best...

with coffee. Short will do for me.

But I only had a bite or two of that cake. What was I thinking? I had to take the rest of it home. Cake so early in the morning is not just for me.

I will be visiting the rest of the WS participants later tonight. I have to run now. :)

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