Sunday, March 8, 2009

Piazza Pazzo

The summer heat makes one crave for anything that will quench the thirst, anything that will make your body feel cool. My daughter and I decided to have some gelato while going around Power Plant. Piazza Pazzo's counter caught our attention when we passed by the foodcourt. Lined up were so many flavors of gelato. More than twenty I think.

Of course, there's nothing else for me but cioccolato. It's creamy and as you can see, one order can be shared by two. Big serving.

Same goes for their pasta, the serving is meant to be shared by two. I ordered macaroni with cheese, bacon bits and mushroom. I don't know if there is any other secret ingredient here but one thing I can say, the noodles has the right bite - they are soft but they do not slide between my teeth. I love the crunchy bacon bits which go with the pasta.

Since my daughter loves cheese, we ordered their pizza topped with four kinds of cheese the names of which I failed to remember. But anyway, I find that this is not the usual pizza served in most pizza houses. I was looking for the tomato sauce actually or the pizza sauce. The crust is not generously filled with sauce which is how their pizzas are done to highlight the toppings and the crust better. I am a fan of thin, crunchy crusts so this is fine with me.

The bread goes with the usual bread dipping - olive oil, balsamic vinegar, peppercorn, probably loads of herbs and spices, and grated cheese. Sometimes bread and coffee are enough to feed my appetite especially if the main dish is served after quite some time (twenty minutes and above). I feel like canceling my order at times like that since the bread filled me up already. :D

***Lasang Pinoy, Sundays hosts Bread-y or Not for this week's theme.


raquel said...

that pizza looks perfect!

Jay - agent112778 said...

i like that pizza too but the gellato called my attention and appetite as well :D

my entry is here

magandang araw ka-lasa-ista :)
Salamat sa pagbisita :)

Z'riz said...

That looks sooooo mouthwatering!

I love gelato (not to sweet but very creamy)

julie said...

Pizza, pizza! For us, any time is a good time for a pizza :)

Have a great week, Lynn :)


your post was quite suspenseful. at the first picture, it was ok, i thought it was just an introduction. at the second pic, i thought where is the bread? i must be at the wrong post! finally, at the third foto i saw the wonderful pizza! and the lovely bread and dip! love the story. love the fotos.

KitchenMaus said...

When we have the quatro formaggi pizza it would normally be: mozarella, ricota, parmesan and gorgonzola :D Im not sure though if thats standard...Anyway your meal is surely appetiizing at nakakatakam! kahit bread lang Id enjoy surely! ;)

Jescel said...

i think I zoomed in on the gelato I forgot about the rest.. LOL! Oh, how I love gelato! And gelato + pizza.. even more awesome! ;oD

ces said...

sometimes i enjoy the starter bread served than the main course, and bread palang nakakabusog na:)

♥peachkins♥ said...

Hmmmnnn...makapunta nga jan at mai-try..

Pinky said...

Ooohhh...yummy-licious post! Will definitely include Piazza Pazzo in my "eat at" list during our home leave in June. Thanks for sharing!

JMom said...

I do the same thing. Fill up on bread then almost not want the rest of the meal. Notice I said 'almost' :)

Great looking mead you had!

Munchkin Mommy said...

pizza is one of my favorite breads! haha! :)

Piazza Pazzo said...

Thank you for trying us out.

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